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What Bull....

I have seen this ban bull**** debated so many times now that its beginning to make me a little ill. How can anyone out there claim that one breed should be banned due to some poor media coverage on the breed where the news paints the breed as monsters.

Every dog owner knows that every breed has had examples of attacks and just the larger breeds seem to end up on the news or in the papers. When was the last time anyone here about a Pom that attack someone? As some one who has had them in the past they are alot more agressive than some of the large dogs that I've had and they bite just as hard if not worst due to they usually bite like 5-6 times more than larger dogs.

Our government need to stop putting bans on breeds and start regulating who can have a dog with restrictions and stricter fines and possible jail time is an owner allows they dog to be placed in a position where they can be a danger to someone.
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