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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
I am glad to hear Ginger is doing well.

You are right, it has not been approved for use in cats, but vets prescribe it anyways. It is metabolized in the liver and therefore regular blood work should be taken and liver functions should be monitored very closely. It should not be used for long term due to the possible affects on the liver.
Can you provide a link to where you found this information? It does not overly concern me that I am using it on a cat. It is used mostly for cystitis in cats though. I myself use/used some medications for purposes other that what they were intended for. But I cannot find the same warnings for the liver in cats. As far as I can find the risks are very, very low and generally apply to animals, cats and dogs, with already compromised liver function AND if dosing information is not followed closely. It's also being used with success in horses, another "off label" use, according to the Cartrophen website. No medication is for everyone of course so if you, L4H, can help me out with the research it would be appreciated. I can't find it.
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