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Cartrophen Vet Injections for Senior Cat Arthritis

I posted earlier about our 18 year old, Ginger. Thought I'd update.

The liquid Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM is going fine. I found a substitute nozzle type thing to use from an empty container I already had. The drug store ones made for dispensing didn't fit.

I've also started kidney support supplements which are a powder. Ginger gobbles up her food with both in, but she always was a good eater.

She had her second Cartrophen injection yesterday and I see a difference. This morning instead of waiting for me to lift her down from her cat stand for her breakfast she hopped down the levels herself before I could get to her. Yay. We will do two more injections, each a week apart, then try boostering once a month. Then every two months to see how long we can delay boosters. I was really impressed with Cartrophen when we used it for our last dog and it seems it's going to work well for Ginger-cat too.

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