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My dog had cataract surgery with artificialf lenses inserted

With regard to Dr. Van Lienden response to cataracts. I am slightly confused. 4 years ago my jack russell terrier (female) woke up one morning and couldn't open her eyes. I rushed her to the vet and was told to take her to a Veterinarian Opthamologist. The opthamologist examined her and suggested that in order for her not to go blind she would need to have surgery. This surgery involved replacing her natural lens with an artificial lens. It was her left eye that had the inflamed cataract but the Dr. suggested that the surgery be done on both eyes. We did so because that was the only option we were given if we didnt want her to go blind. I give her a drop of Apo Ketorolac every night in both eyes. Every year she returns for a check up. She is currently 9 years old. She was five when she had the surgery. Her checks were always good. This year, unfortunately is not the case. Her left eye (which was the one that initially gave her the problem) has an IOP reading of 21. Her other eye had an IOP of 13. Basically we were rushed through the appointment and told that she may need surgery (again) this time for glaucoma. He gave us a prescription of Duo Trav and instructed us to give her one drop twice daily and that we are to return after two weeks. Will this medication stabilize the problem for some time. I got the impression that our only choice is surgery again and I do not want to subject her to that again. I really want her to enjoy the rest of her life. She has food allergies so she has had many visits to the vet until we go that under control. Will this Duo Trav be able to be used to control this problem? I need to know what my options are and educate myself a little bit so that I am not bamboozled into making her go through another surgery. I would prefer the option of medication for the remainder of her life is this possible?

If any one can help me because I am completely overwhelmed for her. She is such a sweet dog and I want to reduce her stress level by avoiding another surgery.

Thank You

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