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Hi There,

I also am in the same place that you are - My Yorkie is 15 and a half, she has no grey hair, very healthy and still loves to play - although this has now been limited as her sight is very limited. Some days seem better than others.

Its breaking my heart that my little girl struggles through the day and I have to carry her outside and put her in the grass. I had no idea that she could even have the surgery as my vet never mentioned it. She now has a screening appt on thursday and I am very excited at the thought I may be able to get her sight back.

I asked for a guesstimate for price - starting at 1500.00 for one eye and worst case 3500.00 for both. This is pretty amazing! The price scares me a bit - but how selfish would I be to keep this from the little girl who has given me so many years of unconditional love - and so much free therapy?

Anyhow - just wanted to share where I am in this process and I will kepp you posted. As a single guy though, it will be tough to make sure she gets her pre treatment drops as I work and have no family or friends in the area I live as I only recently relocated here.

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