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How long does it take for eye drops to permeate the dog eye

Dear Doctor Van Liended:

We are in the pre-op phase of Brandy's cateract operation which involves 3 different drops 4 times a day. 10 minutes apart

My question is that once we administer the first drop we give her lots of loving, however as soon as the loving stops, she shakes her head. We are worried that she is dislodging the drop.

We are ignorant as to wheather the drop immediately permeats the eye and if her head shaking is or is not a concern. How long does it take for an eye drop to permeate the eye and not fly out ?

Should we keep up the rubbies and kisses for 10 minutes and not let her shake her head however we could let down our guard and she could still shake her head,

I will be looking out for your response and please accept my thanks in advance.

I wanted this to be a private message as the rest of the members may not be interested in my eye drop issue. I couldn't figure out how to send you a private message.


Brandy's Daddy, Singhji
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