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GSD, Rough Collie, or ??????

Hi all. I've recently lost my beloved best-friend. My 8 yr. old GSD lost her life very unexpectedly to cancer last week. Although many might think it's "too soon" for me to be even considering bringing another pet home, there are many reasons - firstly, and most importantly, I have a 5 yr. old Doberman who has NEVER been on her own, and is also riddled with anxieties. My concern is that when the kids go back to school, and the house is "empty", it's going to be extremely difficult for her. We've always been a home of 2 dogs, so I figured it would be smart to start doing my research now.

I've had many GSD's in my life, and will definitely have another one day, but am torn between timing ...... My Kenya (whom just passed) was an extraordinary dog. One of the best-natured dogs you'd ever meet, absolutely gorgeous, intuitive, smart, kid-crazy, etc. She is going to be VERY hard to "replace".

I also have a very special place in my heart for a rough collie that we had years ago. Although different in temperament from my GSD, she was also very special. However, because I have only had real experience with the breed with her (the other was when I was very young), I'm not sure if she was a "one off" in terms of "dog traits" for the breed.

I'm also open to hearing arguments for other breeds ..... However, they must be high on the intelligence list, medium-to-large breed, and have energy levels that match our household - active, but not CRAZY active, typically good with kids and other dogs/animals, and not prone to a littany of health issues.

I'm well aware that much of a dog's characteristics can be directly related to breeding, socialization and home environment .... I'm looking for feedback more on the "typical breed traits".

I'd love to have people chime-in and share their input.
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