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Hi hazelrunpack,

Thanks for your response! The only symptoms we've seen is from one of the kittens. He was perfectly fine the first 5 days and then on Saturday he had one incident of diarrhea in the litter box and then he vomited once right near the box a few hours later. I stopped by the vet to drop off the stool samples and he said to monitor and alert him if it happened again. By that night he seemed totally back to himself and has had no incidents since and his stools have been completely firm. The kittens both have feline herpes as well so they've been sneezing and they're currently on antibiotics for that just to add.

It is more common in cats and the strain is different from dogs. Our vet did not seem worried about disinfecting the apartment at all. He just said keep the litter boxes sanitized - I'll admit the internet has me hyped
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