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Just a quick update from my observances the last couple of days. I haven't had a lot of time to spend with Heidi what with work and having to take other kitties to the vet with URIs. But when I do get to spend a few minutes with her she is marvelous.
This is what I have written on kr's FB as well. Hopefully she will find a new home soon where she can live out her life in peace. I'm praying she can be an indoor only kitty. She deserves to live her life with no more stress.
She will need a new person who is very patient with her. She is extremely shy but loves to be petted and loved. She does not like more than one or two people at a time around her. She does live up to her name and hide a lot but comes out as soon as you call her. I'm sure with patience and love she will be an amazing cat.
When kr and her mom were here today I took Heidi out of her enclosure so kr could see her better and hold her. Heidi panicked a little and tried to get away from kr. It wasn't kr. It was Heidi not liking to be away from an area she has become familiar with. As soon as she got back into her little house she settled right down. She is a pretty special little girl. CP - I am so happy you convinced her old owner to let her live.
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