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Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
She is extremely versed with this breed and she also works with cops. Moses is definetly showing signs that he is a cop dog cop dogs are not aggresive

It really sounds like you have no clue on how to handle a large dog Find trainer asap for both you and your dog
Really I have mentioned this before. You have not seen these dogs in action with the canine unit here in Winnipeg. I stopped a Squad Car and the Cop mentioned they are Nuts is exact words. This is a working breed. He is a puppy 6 months. You are judgemental I have been training him on my own. To add, not only had I been quized via email by her I found out today that she has 4/5 people a head of me. I have been waiting patiently answering all questions to find out this garbage. Now I have contacted and hopefully going to be a connection I refuse to give up on him. These dogs are high maintenance and require jobs. I have provided two already and I exercise him via cycling to promote his need for drive and speed. I am doing everything on my own. I have googled. In some cases there are discrepancies regarding this breed on the Intranet have no clue there. I am aware that this breed is a working class breed hence above comment. I find that rude thanks anyway

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