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Originally Posted by jadams007 View Post
i meant no disrespect, just most photographers don't shoot from hip
As an ex-photojournalist, I can tell you a keen eye can easily tell that National Geographic, for one, along with a great many news magazines, are littered with pictures from photographers who weren't looking through the viewfinder as they were pressing the trigger.

You would do so to change angles/perspective OR because the moment will pass if you take the time to reflect and compose, particularly in photo journalism. So, you blaze away . . . usually with a wider angle lens.

You would probably best describe it as spot news photography. It's not something you need to do all the time or even half the time but it can be part of your repetoire for candid shots. Over your head right down around your ankles.

The shot below is "run and gun," a no-look from around the knees, just walking in my yard with the dogs, putting the perspective more at their level while bringing more of the background horizon into the picture than might have been the case from eye level.

As you go through the day checking the gathering of daily news shots at places like LA Times, New York Times, BBCNews and various other websites, eventually you'll see examples.

I guess you're not a photographer. just my opinion, you have one too

Well, as I said, it was a zero contribution to the conversation and a pretty stupid thing to say to anyone on this board in any event. Whether it was me or not isn't particularly relevant.

Rick C
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