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Puppy classes are certainly a step in the right direction.

The rest is simply a matter of teaching what is expected and remembering that she is a baby and needs lots and lots of patience. When my boy was a pup, I kept Zuke's treats in my pockets at all times and a little stuffy in my back pocket always. The stuffy was to redirect unwanted teeth and feet and the treats so that I could treat the behaviors that I wanted as soon as he did them. A puppy that chews on a toy instead of a hand gets a treat! Puppies are smart - the trick is to be smarter.

I think that the most important (and quite possibly the hardest) thing to remember is this: your puppy doesn't understand a word of English. You can say "no" all you want but your puppy doesn't know what it means. Yelling it doesn't make it any more understandable and punishing teaches that you are not to be trusted. Remember - your puppy doesn't speak English so if you tell it not to jump on you and then you punish it for jumping on you, your puppy has no idea what the punishment is for.

Sit is the easiest command to teach, using the right motivation and comes in very, very handy! Just hold a treat a bit in front and above your puppy, say sit once and as soon as that little hiney hits the floor so puppy can reach that treat - give it to her and tell her she is a good girl! Once she learns sit (and knows that she gets a treat for doing so!), you can ask for a sit when she starts jumping. Easy peasy! But it takes patience.
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