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New puppy AND kitten...and a little stressed

I'm new here and need all the help I can get.
My family and I just brought home a puppy AND kitten on Sunday. Our puppy (Amber) is a 3 !/2 month old Chesapeake and our kitten is 2 1/2 months old.
I feel like Amber has every single puppy 'issue' she could possibly have. Where to begin....
She's about 80% house trained (peeing). The other 20% is my fault for not being on the ball enough with her.
She had a problem with jumping up on us, but we've quickly learned how to correct this and continue to work on it, but she still jumps up on everything else...counters, chairs, the baby gate, etc.
She barks every time there is food on the counter.
She tries to nip and chew everything, but we're learning how to deal with this too.
She won't let us walk her yet. Every time I put her leash on her, she runs around with the end of it in her mouth. So we're taking this a step at a time too.
Also, she's pretty obsessed with the kitten. We keep them FAIRLY separated, but let them have supervised visits. The kitten just lays there and lets the dog mouth her and put her paws on her. I ALWAYS stay right near and make sure I separate them if the kitten shows signs she's had enough.

Well, that's that. Sorry for the long rant. It's been a bit to deal with. I look forward to hearing some tips/advice.

P.S. Amber starts puppy training on August 1st.
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