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Since this thread has been resurrected ( just after Easter you know ) I will chime in with the - ta, da, Butterfly harness. My neighbour has one on her little Puggle. When the dog pulls the harness makes her front legs go wider apart and then she can't walk properly and stops pulling. It looks like two simple sliding loops around the front legs, attached behind the shoulders.

If anyone is able to find this please post back. I have never been able to find it and I've told a couple of other neighbours about it and they want to see it. I suspect it must also be known under a different name 'cause I haven't found anything called butterfly harness. I'm not endorsing either, you can check it out yourself, but my neighbour loves it.

ETA: When I google butterfly I do find dog harnesses but they're only called butterfly because they have butterflies woven into the webbing or perched on the shoulders and none look anything like my neighbour's.
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