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Thanks Marty. It turns out I won't need to buy a Gentle Leader. We're fine with the equipment we have, namely a standard collar and a harness with the o-ring up top. I've made some very interesting observations today and yesterday concerning Max pulling. Whether I use a collar or a harness, it makes no difference. What really makes the difference with Max is food rewards for desired behaviours, as well as doing the quick reversals and direction changes suggested by a few members in this thread. Once I rewarded with food more frequently, Max was very attentive to me and very cooperative. Before, I just wasn't carrying enough treats on our walks; I was relying too much on verbal and physical praise. But Max already receives a lot of that type of attention. Food was key. Interestingly, he really gets into the direction changes. I think it's like a game to him. I say "This way Max," and he obliges, all the while watching to see what I'm doing and where I'm going and whether I'm getting another treat for him.

So thanks to everyone who gave excellent advice in this thread. Max and I will keep working at it!
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