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OK, my posts keep disappearing .

14+, that makes perfect sense, I had no idea that's what happened in a feral colony. She is just not a dominant kitty in any way , she is just a very gentle soul .

Yes, Puddles and Jasper will come back to eat. They are small, frequent munchers, but Puddles seems very intimidated by her. Rose is very skiddish and fast moving and that seems to scare Puddles. She doesn't like any kitty running around her (I think her eyesight may be going ).

catlover2: I have one of those piggies , Sweet Pea and she is chunky , I do feed her in a separate room and keep the other's food away from her, but am not always successful. I wish I could get that unhealthy weight off her.

Czarina is just like Sweet Pea, Rose doesn't mess with her and stays away while she is eating. Sweet Pea has always chased all the cats away from the feeding area while I was preparing and putting down the food.
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