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Question Omg! Why are these birds behaving like this?

I live in the suburbs of a city located in the province of Quebec, in Canada. Last night was a very very cold winter night. Although the (double) windows were shut tight, I heard the sounds of many birds outside, at about 8pm. I opened the back door and became a bit alarmed as they were flying very close overhead above my balcony, and I changed my mind, and dared not venture out completely, as I had intended to! I wanted to know what was going on to cause them to behave in this way. I am very curious to know why there were approximately 50 (or more) very large black birds flying around, as if in distress, behaving as if something was causing them to be upset, and many others perched sitting altogether, closely, on the branches of one of the very high remaining older trees, in the backyard area. I was astonished as they were very very loud and some were flying around and then flying back to sit with the others on the tree - for several hours! I am wondering if anyone could explain what possibly could have been going on to cause all of this very odd behaviour and very loud raucous?
Usually it is very quiet in this area. It reminded me of the movie The Birds!
At 1:00 am, they were still out there shrieking very loudly, and flying around. Thanks for any information.
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