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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
Ok I know which one!. They are very good. YOu are in good hands.

Best of luck to you and please let me know how it goes. Since I do not know their service when it comes to adopting, I would be curious to know. I do know that they are very thorough however. I do know of a group that has a pug that is blind. I sent this one from Montreal to Ontario. If this interests you, let me know and I will let you know which group has him. He is an angel.
BenMax, I know the one you are talking about! He's on one of the sites you mentioned. I was quite taken by him (okay in love with him), and he sounds great except for one thing: in his description it says that he would do best in a situation where someone is home "a great deal", and unfortunately that's not the case with us. Milo is never alone for more than 8 hours a day (unless we go out after work, but we always make sure we tire him out before leaving again, and actually this doesn't happen often because we have no social life lately!), but I'm not sure if they mean they are looking for someone who does not work/works from home? Aside from this one requirement, I think everything else would be a good fit. Unfortunately, most of the dogs I have to "decline", I do so because I don't think our home is good enough for the dog, not the other way around!
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