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Hey Aslan,

I'm in the southwest end (near Lakeshore and Brownsline). I know which shelter you're talking about on East Mall - I worked about 2 mins north of there for 2 years and used to drive past it everyday. I also used to volunteer there as a "cat cuddler" I do check their site on a regular basis for new dogs. They don't seem to get very many but I've called them a couple of times to inquire about dogs I was interested in. Alas, none of them were right for one reason or another (usu. not good with other dogs or cats). But I keep checking!

I only know of the Mississauga Humane Society in Mississauga. What's the other one? And I'm assuming the one in Oakville is the Oakville HS. I check the Mississauga HS and the one in Oakville often, too. Okay, yes, I'm crazy I think I have a touch of OCD! But definitely let me know about the second shelter in Mississauga. I'm that I won't need to check it, because hopefully we'll be chosen for this Pug, but you never know...that rescue seems to get a LOT of applications.
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