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Originally Posted by otter View Post
... that's between 0.9 and 1.35lb PLUS bone right?
Raw at night works too.

As for bones - if you're feeding predominantly kibble, I wouldn't worry too much about organs or bones at all. See bones as recreational, and meat as a meal. If you're giving raw every evening, I'd include a day of 'fasting' (large recreational bone) and a meal of tripe each week.

So yes, I would do roughly a pound of *meat*, weight of bone not included (unless it's a light bone, like that in a pork chop, or in ribs, or something like that. Then the bone is very much part of the meat).

Our girl is now 86 lbs - she's 10 months old - and we are flexible with what she gets when. She gets raw mostly, and also kibble for some meals. We kinda just approximate what she 'should' have, and then go by how it feels. Some days she eats double the amount, other days she eats barely anything. Mostly growth-spurt and 'rest day' dependent. Bo is lean and very muscular. We find that bone meat makes her meal more satisfying. So if we know ahead of time that we need a bit of extra 'time' to ourselves for whatever reason (we need her to be mellower), we'll give her ribs or something more substantial to chew on. Keeps her mouth and her mind busy.

Our previous dog had a tendency to over eat. We had to really monitor what she got pretty strictly.

So go by what feels right for your dog. If you feel she's at the right place for weight, and she can communicate when she's not yet had enough, or when she has, then play with the amount of raw until you find the balance that works for both of you.

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