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It sound like he is being very territorial . I was reading a very interesting book called 'My Animal Myself' by Marta Williams , is about how are pets will mirrors their owners . Williams believe a dog will mirror their owner and there was one story about cat that bonded with the male owner more than the female owner and whenever the couple had a disagreement the pet would pee on the woman while she was in bed. Its' hard to know what is going in your house but your dog could be jealous of one of you and it trying to let you know in his doggie way. I think you should find a good dog behaviorist and have them go to your house to watch want is going between the dog and everyone that live in the house. My dog , Marty peed in my bed right after my next door neighbor had a male staying with them. Marty was marking his territory which happen to me My bed. You're sure your dog has no urine infection or kidneys infection?

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