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Riley did this last week. I was mortified, I opend his mouth and scraped what was left, I showed him what he had in his mouth with a firm NO, and a brisk march inside and everyone in the house had to ignore him for ten minutes, he looked so dejected but so far so good. He usually turns his nose up at any other dogs poo. I think because it was frozen he thought it was something new. I'm hoping I caught it in time before it becomes a self amusing game he decides to play while outside
There is a thought that with poorer foods they decide they need some of the minerals they couldn't digest the first time round, while I subscribe to that theory, Riley and Missy are Raw eaters and I think it was more amusement than trying to gain any nutrition. I would treat it like an object they are not allowed, like the remote control or the brand new digital camera lead that you just bought yesterday and they chewed to pieces, (I'm still fuming over that) and try and stop it while in the act. I'm just hoping I caught it in time as the thought of scraping that stuff out again makes me
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