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I have a copy of an article that was written about someone who does goose control for the city of Toronto. In it, it's stated that in a study someone did they recorded that geese poop every 6 minutes. How's that for a job? Follow the geese around all day and record how often they "go"

Is your pond a natural pond or man made? Any inlets and outlets or is it totally land-locked? If landlocked you may have some options for doing some work on the pond that you wouldn't have if it would affect the surrounding watershed. I'm not thinking of chemical treatments but physical work like excavating it to have steeper sides and adding rock rubble along the edges. That could serve both as a deterrent to the geese and also help prevent the growth of cattails but you'd have to check out first if you'd be allowed (depending on the type of pond you have) and the feasibility of such a project. I was just thinking that it might be worth it for you since you want to be able to draw water from the pond. Even if it's not a land-locked pond you might be able to get a permit to alter it.
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