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Holy Frustration

So even though she has not broken skin, it would appear we are being brushed off by any foundation I have tried contacting due to the bite history and that they don't believe she can live with other animals. We even offered to drive her to Southern California to one. So she was given to his mother who also does not really understand the seriousness of her jealousy and Misty has the same lack of rules in her new home. He is supposed to be getting her a trainer in order for everything to work - which I have offered to be present for since I am the only person who Misty showed jealousy of that we know of. By this I mean, I have located a trainer that he keeps putting off using for one reason or another. I am pretty sure I fully give up. At least at his mother's, the dog has a house, a yard, and a chuck-it... as long as his mom never gets a boyfriend...
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