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Wow there is an awful lot you have brought up here.

I feel so sad for this poor Weimaraner! It breaks my heart to hear she is being abused and not excercised physically or emotionally. Weims require at least two hours if not more of physical excercise each and every day. They were bred for hunting and if they don't hunt, participate in agility or otherwise get enough excercise then they will not do well emotionally. They are known to suffer from separation anxiety and become destructive to alleviate that pent up energy. It's not common for Weims to be aggressive towards people. The fact that your boyfriend suggests that you hit her makes me wonder if he also hits her? I would bite people too if they hit me.

Weims are extremely attached to their people and need to have very clear and consistent training. If your boyfriend won't or can't follow through with training then this poor pup hasn't got much of a chance. Weims are very clever thinking dogs and will figure out very quickly they can be in charge. They need gentle but consistent handling. Never ask her to do something if you don't plan on following through.

Please research the breed, seek out a trainer and insist your boyfriend attend the training with you and his pup. Everyone needs to be on the same page so this poor Weim has a chance to succeed. It's not that she isn't trained that she isn't complying. It's that she is stubborn and smart enough to know that she can do whatever she wants.

If your boyfriend refuses or denies there is a problem then perhaps the pup needs to be surrendered to a Weimaraner Rescue that will give her the training and care that she deserves.
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