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hello there lovemykitties:

welcome to the forum. love to see a photo of your wee one.

I've had some experience with our BB. She's a rumpy Manx cat. She's had rectal problems from the time that I got her some 8 years ago. Consequently we've had blood spots all in places occasionally. Her problem seems to run in cycles. She'll have a couple of bad days, and then perhaps 3 weeks later, it will flare up again.

This problem that I'm dealing with is known as an "anal fissure". We did the vet route and he prescribed "Zinc Oxide" ointment to be "painted on" a couple of times a day. I went to the drug store to pick up the Zinc Oxide, and my pharmacist looked at me kind of strange and asked what I'd be using it for. I told him what the application would be for, with the cat, and he said that he'd make up a special formula ointment that they use for babies, which is 6% castor oil in Zinc Oxide ointment and to be applied lightly with a q-tip. No need for a diaper change.

I have been doing this pretty well continuously with her ever since and it helps in the healing process and keeps the scar tissue soft and pliable.

After breakfast every day, she comes to get a brushing, and I apply the ointment at this time. She actually looks for it. She's quite the kitty to want a brushing. There doesn't seem to be any pain from the fissure. And it's not always bloody.

The different vets I have spoken to about it seem to think this is a good solution and the suggestion is not to operate due to the possibility of nerve damage that could cause problems with the kitty being able to control her bowels.

In regards to the issue you are having regarding the worm preparation. Did the vet do a fecal float to determine if worms were a problem. Personally, I am of the same mind that you are - this is a harsh treatment for a kitty of that age without knowing exactly what you are treating.

Also, our BB does have problems pooping from time to time. Not so much since I put her on RestoraLAX, which is a polyethylene glycol. I use 1/32 of a tsp, in her food, twice a day, and I feed raw, which seems to be enough to ease some of the discomfort and keep the stool relatively soft. BB weighs about more or less 9 pounds.

These are some of the things that I am using to relieve the situation at hand.

Don't know if any of this info is of value to you, but the Zinc Oxide might be something to check into with your vet.
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