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Has anyone heard back from Breeee123 at all? I'm worried because she hasn't given an update on her cat and fear the worst.

The same thing just happened to my cat Dillon two days ago. She's 20 and has been so healthy so I can't imagine what has happened to cause this so suddenly! As a matter of fact I made a comment to my husband at how agile and "kitten like" she is for her age. We rushed her to the vet and her blood work showed nothing remarkable except her thyroid was on the high end of normal. The x-ray also seemed normal. Dillon isn't in any pain and although she's been sleeping a lot, she seems very comfortable. She's not eating as much cat food as I'd like but she's at least willing to eat tuna and chicken. The vet put her on cortisone thinking that she possibly has a spinal or back injury. I've tried putting her in the litter box but she hasn't gone. Dillon is my little soul mate and it kills me to see her like this. Obviously I don't have a good feeling about this. I spent most of the day with her in bed, petting her, rubbing her ears and kissing her. Poor baby.
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