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My Mushu loves merrick

I've been trying to get my 5 mnth old to eat as he seems to turn his nose to almost everything except people food. When I opened up a can of merrick (Grammy's Pot Pie) I couldn't believe how much simular to people food it is. Made me want to try some myself. In only a weeks time his coat became shinier and softer.

I rescued him from a puppy mill up north in Ontario and Know this is gonna make everyone cringe but he was (supposodly) eating Old Roy....Adult food. I'm not very knowledgable on dog foods but even I knew something was wrong with that.

My only concern is that his stool is very that normal? They're a healthy diareah or hardness....just dark.

Also I don't know if its because he is teething but he wont eat dry food so I cant give him the puppy food from Merrick. Is it ok to feed him the canned food?

In any case I find that Merrick rules. I want to add a picture, How do I do this?

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