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I know what it's like to have a picky dog, my almost 4-year-old Shih tzu X, Mocha, is ridiculously picky (to the point of refusing extra lean ground meat if she doesn't feel like it), and I know that I accidently trained her to be that way. She used to only eat Waltham kibbles that were cut up in half, but it's really not a very good food. I tried Nutro ULTRA (I wouldn't recommend it, but it's still not bad), California Natural, Innova, Innova EVO, Solid Gold, Wellness, etc., and she would NOT touch any of them. The closest she came to was the EVO (she ate two kibbles after eating nothing for two days, then stopped. Innova EVO gave my other dog, Panna, horrible runs too, so it just didn't work for us). If I tried to give her nothing except for the dog food I wanted her to eat, she'd get sick and start puking (I know if you keep it up they're supposed to eat it, I know Panna will, but Mocha has such a sensitive tummy I didn't want to put her through that). I heard about Merrick, rushed out and bought a canned variety pack and got samples of the dry Turducken and Wilderness Blend, and although Panna devoured it, Mocha wouldn't touch it (she hates all canned food). Panna loved it so much I fed it to her, and about a month later, Mocha started eating it out of nowhere. She absolutely LOVES it now (I don't have to cut her kibbles in half anymore!), even last week I made them some meat and a birthday cake for Panna's birthday, and she turned her nose up at both and went and ate her Merrick. I feed her the Wilderness Blend dry (although she'll eat the Turducken now, she prefers the Wilderness Blend...I haven't tried any of the other dry varieties), and Panna gets both dry Wilderness blend and canned food. You can even add water to the dry food and it creates a sort of gravy, Panna goes crazy for it although Mocha doesn't like any water added to her food.

It is an expensive food, but I'd never go back. I think they also bio-coat their food, meaning they coat it in a layer of dehydrated raw food when it cools after the extrusion process. Mocha loves the freeze dried vegetables too, especially the peas, and she seems to digest them.

I agree that you shouldn't switch much, that's what I did at first and it only made Mocha worse. It's a dream once you find a food that both of you like, trust me . Anyways, Good luck!

ETA: I forgot to say, their coats are both in much better condition, nice and soft, but the most amazing of all is after feeding this food, Panna's tear stains (which were horrible) are barely noticeable anymore, and I haven't made any other changes. I tried a bunch of things for them, but none worked. As you can tell, I'm very happy with this food . Here's a picture to compare her tear stains, in case anybody really cares that much (the two "after" pictures are from her birthday, doesn't the picture with the cake just make you sad with her?):

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