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Healthy dogs have a very good appetite and are always ready to eat something. On the bones, there are usually traces of fat from the meat that covered them. The bones remain impregnated with this fat. Dogs like fat, they find it a lot of taste and smell on the bones the remains of fat. In addition, some bones contain more fat than others, they contain marrow in the middle. That's why dogs lick and bite bones. No need to completely ban bones from your dog, but be careful with this food that can hurt your dog inadvertently. The smaller bones, such as those of the rabbit or the hen, are more dangerous because they can perforate an organ of your animal if it swallows it whole. On the other hand, big bones like bones of beef can be suitable for your doggie provided they are quite big and fleshy.If you do not want your dog to bury his bones in your garden, however, it would be better simply to avoid giving it to him!

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