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Shaved cat, now afraid to go outside

One of my cats, Akira, part Maine coon was shaved on Friday, she gets very bad mats and does not like to be brushed, or held onto. Anyway she is an indoor/outdoor, in an enclosure, kitty and would stay out all the time. I don't leave them out over nite and she is the last to come in and the first out in the morning, rain or shine...not anymore.

She is terrified to go outside and hides upstairs, sleeping on the bed all day. If she does venture out its very brief and then scurries in again. We had her shaved last year around this time and no problems.

Any ideas on what she's afraid of? We thought maybe without the fur the outside sensations are overwhelming, but why did it not effect her last year? It's not as warm as last she cold? Should I get her a sweater?

Just wondering if anyone has come across this? At least she's a little more affectionate I think she likes to be petted now.

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