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This is a tough one, i hope others can help.

A couple of things that come to mind just to get it out of the way...
- How many litterboxes are there? How clean are the litterboxes? are they in trafficky areas? What litter are u using, and have you changed litter recently?

- If the cat is always anxious about the food, and you ALWAYS feed at the same time so that the cat should "know" when it will eat, and does NOT get wet treats that confuse this issue....then I might enquire w/a vet that I trust about the possibility of anti anxiety medication.

- IF the Feliway was helping and you can afford it, a couple of cheap room airconditioners can help w/keeping the windows closed.. (I JUST saw a/c units 5000 BTUs - good enough for a small room for 99 dollars at a few major renovation stores)

- A referred cat behaviourist might be a good idea for a consult.

That's all i got for now, hope it can help - good luck!
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