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Having kennels is not at all unusual for a breeder. My stepfather used to breed akitas, he owned a kennel with his friend who bred labs. So both the labs and akitas were housed together on the grounds (well not together, but at the same kennel as they were neighbors and the kennel sat between their land). My stepdad at one point had two retired bitches and one retired stud, all three champions and spneutred, a bitch and a dog he was currently showing to get their champions, one bitch who he was breeding currently who already had her championship, and a championship stud he got from another breeder who he bred with his championship bitch. The bitch he bred was the mother of the other two dogs who he was showing, and had one more litter because he wanted another show dog then she was retired. he only had litters when he needed a new show dog which was not very often. of all these dogs he only ever bred two of his bitches, one of the retired ones,and then the other I talked about, and studded out one dog to another shower/breeder, after that he stopped showing and breeding. Of course only the dogs that were not show quality were sold as pets, and only after a very regerous screening.

He loved his dogs very much and spent a lot of time with them. It cost him a fortune to do this but he enjoyed showing a lot. He really wasn't into breeding he only did it to get more show dogs from the lines that he believed had the absolute best breed standards. The very first dog he showed (the retired dog I told you about) came from the best line of akitas in existance at that time (he was showing in the late 70s throught the 80s) and he brought it over from somewhere in europe (I can't remember where now). This dog cost him a small fortune in it's slef but was what he claimed one of the best dogs he ever showed or owned, and produced the most wonderful offspring that fit the standard perfectly.
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