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As a matter of fact they are all champions. She went through them all with us while we where there. Her shelties are her main pride and joy, and they are BEAUTIFUL. This has been this woman's only job for the past 18 years (her hubby brings home the dough). Her dogs are beautiful. She has the full pedigrees, she has all the health tests done, and she makes you sign such an elaborate contract. She really cares for these dogs. Not a sheltie in there had ONE mat. They were clean, and healthy.

And the three litters were small and of varying ages. One group was 8 weeks and were all leaving that week. The next group was 4 weeks, and the sheltie ones were just born. That is all the litters she is having this year, and all the pups are sold way in advance of being born. The person I know who got her pup bought it in January and only got it at the end of June.

You have to also factor in the retired ones. There were a handful of seniors in there too.
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