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The breeder of my dog, had 5 dogs on site.
All these dogs have the run of the house, for the most part. They do have their own room, with their cages. This is where they sleep and eat. There is a big back yard that they have full run of. There is only ever one breeding bitch on site. Right now, there are no breeding bitches, not for another 2 yrs.

Then, there is a breeder near me, I will not state names or dog breed.
Her Dogs are kept in a long building behind her house. They have a kennel/run area on one side, all fenced into their own area, and they have a door where they can bo back into the building if it is cold, I'm assuming inside is blocked off for each individual dog as well. It's seven 'dog runs' in a row. Behind that building there is a large yard, whch when I was there, was used for board, I believe, as there were dogs of all breeds in the yard.

They have daily contact with the family, but are not kept in the house. I dislike this way of breeding ...HOWEVER, ALOT of their dogs show to championship. When I was visiting they had just had a littler 3 weeks previously, and were keeping 3 of the 4 as they looked as if they would be show quality.

I would prefer my own dog to come from a home raised atmosphere, as opposed to the second option there. I would consider that second scenario 'show breeding' and thats about it.
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