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Originally Posted by Sandra RVT View Post
I agree with the previous poster that it sounds like submissive urination. Definitely visit your vet to rule out any urinary tract infection or urinary crystals/stones though. Your vet can also give you some advice on dealing with submissive urination. Some dogs grow out of it, others don't. If you have the time to get her involved in something like agility it may help build her confidence. That can sometimes help submissive urination and also its a great outlet for a high energy breed like a border collie.
I agree, this is submissive peeing. When guests come over, ensure that they totally ignor her(in communication and eye contact) to curb the behaviour. It will resolve in time.

Border collies are brilliant dogs but they are alittle stubborn and more difficult to house train. If you do not catch her in the act, there is no point in correcting. If you raise your voice (yell) this will only contribute back to submissive peeing. She needs gain trust in you and therefore you must be very careful on how you correct. Who knows what she lived before in your home so take this into account.
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