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Border Collie peeing

I am new to this board. So I hope you wont mind if I wade in. Border Collies when young can sometimes take a little longer to sort themselves out. And she is a rescue patience for her, She will be bored the attention she is giveing her back end is something that will pass.Bordom for this breed can seem as though she is a wee bit stupid.
This will pass. She will bond. Do you have a doggie door?

Submissive peeing is something that happens to all young dogs. You have done a wonderful thing you have rescued her, time kindness and understanding will go a long way.
I put an old towel at the back door or where she seems most likeley to go.It will wash. And you can over time get it outside the door. Continue to incourage her. It really will get better. {Time is all it takes}A rescues take a wee bit longer to get over some things.
Forgive that this is long.
Hang in.
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