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Welcome to the board Marlkrem. The first thing I would ask is if you have taken for a checkup. The urinating could be from a urinary tract infection, or a bladder infection. They can be very persistant and cause a lot of the issues you have mentioned. We are dealing with that in one of our Malamutes right now. The moaning/whining you mentioned could be related. I also have a Mal puppy who has had several problems (mainly immune-mediated). He will go through periods where he whines, cries, chases his tail, violently bites his hind area (legs, paws, tail) and rips clumps of fur from himself. We are now trying to determine if it is neurological or behavioral. I do have some video recorded to show the vet. If you would like to see it, let me know and I'll upload it to youtube.

When your pup bites at herself, can you get her attention? Will she stop and look at you? Can you make her sit? How often does she seem to do it? Is there anything you have noticed prior to this happening, any particular pattern of behavior? Biting the legs, tail, tail chasing and self aggression can be partial complex seizures.

Also, I would seriously consider not using those drops. There are several articles that link flea/tick/dewormers to neurological behavior and seizures. In fact, we now believe vaccines to be the cause (or in the very least an aggravating event) to our pups meningoenchephalitis/seizures.
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