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My biggest "guess" on this is "seperation anxiety".
What I dont know is ..if she is having episodes of this because of "recent changes" due to the rescue, adoption...ect.
Or if she has always been that way.

There are numerious things you can do to "cope" with it. But there is no "cure". It is something that is "managed".
Unfortunatly it is just as "annoying" and "uncomfortable" to the dog going thru it , as it is to those around her.

If you read all of my will get an idea of things I've done, tried, and finally some things we've had success with.
Since "confinement" is what sets her off. I'd personally avoid that as much as possible. cannot avoid you "leaving" the ways to "manage" her "anixiety" when you do that is going to be the "trick".

Good luck...your going to need it.
Also..they make crates (non wire) that are pretty sturdy, chew resistant, and wont harm her while she is attempting to get out.
I also find a kong bone filled with some penut butter (right in the middle of it, not completely filled with it)...keeps the sep anx pup i have busy for at least an he's not so obsessed with "getting out" of crate.
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