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Originally Posted by MIA View Post
Well as someone who has done MinPin rescue for 10+ years I don't recommend them as a first time dog unless you are willing to do a lot of learning and training. They are SMART dogs who aren't really easy. They may be little but they are a big dog in a small package.

Yes they can be noisy, hard to house train, snotty and they are the worst dogs to spoil!!! SO that being said if you are willing to work with your dog, treat it like a dog and not a cute little toy you will be fine! They need LOTS of exercise, mental stimulation and attention or they will manage to get into lots of trouble.

Make sure you do find an excellent breeder as temperament is very important and you want support from the breeder as well if things don't work you want to be able to return the dog at any time.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them!!! I had big dogs including a working GSD then I got my first MinPin and my real education into naughty dogs! LOL
I aggree with EVERYTHING in this post regarding Miniature Pinschers, and you are wise to take these things to heart. I would NOT recommend a Minpin for an apartment, PERIOD...especially due to the barking. These are very high maintenance dogs, and are probably the most vocal I have ever owned (I have two). They can be little tyrants, snap and be difficult to control. They MUST be leashed always out doors, not a dog for a dog park. They require much more excercise than other toy breeds....VERY high energy. If you live somewhere where neighbours are not an issue, no small children, are experienced with dog handling, and enjoy several long walks a day....these may be the dog for you.

There is a reason that there are many Minpin rescues out there. People just haven't done their homework regarding the breed. They are wonderful animals, but just like any dog...definately not for everyone.
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