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I love min, but I won't get another

Hi, I know this is a older thread but if someone is researching this I wanted to let them know my experince. I have had dogs my whole life never a problem I do therapy dogs as well. I did some research and thought well i am a advance dog person so I will get one but did not want a puppy as alot of times you do not know the true personality. so we rescued a 1 yr old who does not bark, snuggley likes cats all other dogs and is not shy around strangers yes I looked for 5 months and asked lots of questions before I got him to make sure he would be a good fit for are 2 cat 2 dog household. that said. He is horrible to house train He will pee on his own bed I am a at home mom he goes out about every hour on the hour usually more he is never out of my site if he is not on a leash next to me he is in his crate so at least there is no pee anywhere else he is only crated when i leave for a few hours or when I am sleeping. He can go about 3 weeks without a accident and then he just decides he doesn't feel like holding it. they are stubbern hate the rain, snow and sleet will protest the entire time I have done about an hour waiting for him to finally give up and go in the worst of weather. sometimes to no avail to warm back up and do it again. I train with my voice as a clicker we use the word yes he gets a treat so he understand that when he pees outside this is def what I want no communitcation problem but they are just hard wired different than any dog I have ever known in that respect so before you get a min pin make sure you are ok with he will pee in my house and have accidents I have come to the realization that mine will never be trusted out of site or for more than a few hours for the next 17 years and since I do not work I am ok with that some people use puppy pads but since I have large dogs and cats this is a no go for me besides a male dog lifts his leg not always ganna be hitting the pad so we just go out a million times a day sorry this is so long but I want others to know if they think I can do it other people just are not dillegent enough I am here to tell you that is not true a small percent get lucky but for all the love this little dog gives he can be the most stubborn about what he wants and what he doesn't want and most do not like to go out unless it is a perfect 75 degress out. good luck
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