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Happy for Maxx & big thanks!

We purchased the trimline liquid collar...that you pour on the back of his neck every 3 months. I have read up on the signs and symptoms of kennel cough and it sounds like we defintely have a match. But, now that I know it isn't in it's present form life threatening..we will be at the vets on Monday am good and early.

This is such a wonderful sight, as I was stressed all evening mentally about him...although he was still playing and doing his little thing. But, I called his PARENTS and they stated he is current on all his shots, and had a visit to the vet before he left Korea 2 weeks ago. His medical records are in their bedroom (with theirs) downstairs and we know who will be reading them tonight! Now, I realize why the benadryl was helping somewhat. However the 20+ hours of flying time to get here from Seoul, Korea may have affected him also 2 weeks, as he was under the seat as a carry on, since he weighed in slightly under 5lbs. and a week later to the petsmart for grooming.
I will keep you all posted..tee
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