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I got it!!! Mom reminded me of the placemats I had made a few years ago! I got the idea to use artists canvas to make the mats as I can paint on them, so can pretty much do any type of design. Then just seal the paint, slap some pretty material on the back to hide the unfinished sewing!!! They wipe clean, are light! I can't believe I forgot. Fortunately I remembered to bring my big hunk of canvas. Now I just have to find an art supply store where I can buy more unstretched canvas.

I made one with where I used leave stamps in fall colours on a light green background, came out really nice. I'm gonna do some pet ones too, and just put that rubber backing on the back so they don't slide around. I can cut the canvas easily into different shapes so that will be very cool...maybe even make a few bucks to carry me over this jobless fart I seem to be having! Everything pretty much jjob-related here right now, is oil patch related..not something I want to look at..I don't think I'm the right person to be hanging off the top of an oil rig!!!
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