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Originally Posted by ryebread View Post
At the same time, while I appreciate the attempt to help and the genuine love for animals in general, I'm not sure that I'm thrilled with the constant badgering regarding the cat food on the thread.
Sorry that you feel so defensive. I have not been hostile with my recommendations, so if that's what you're feeling, I can't help you there. The thing is, way too many cat owners don't put much thought into what it is they're feeding, they just blindly put their trust in Big Pet Food. The fact that you were feeding Science Diet Light at one point tells me that you haven't done a whole lot of research on feline nutrition. It doesn't mean you're a bad owner, only that you didn't know how bad that food truly is. I'm only trying to steer you in the right direction so that your cats can be as healthy as possible and live long happy lives. Evo is definitely a step up. But just so you know, even the best dry food is not as good as the worst canned. I'm only suggesting that if you can't feed wet full-time, at least consider adding more wet into your cat's diet. What's so wrong with that?

So that you understand my motivation for being so persistent on this issue, I also fed SD Light to my cats, for most of their lives. One then developed diabetes at the age of 9, and the other died at 11 yrs, from severe IBD. Both of these conditions, (and several others that I've spent big bucks on over the years) can be directly linked to a kibble diet. I've done a considerable amount of research over the past 6 years and I'm only trying to save you the same heartache. Take it as you like.

Originally Posted by ryebread View Post
It's a quick way to drive away posters and risk not having solutions such as this posted.
Pretty much everyone has been quite receptive to learning new things that can help their cats.
"To close your eyes will not ease another's pain." ~ Chinese Proverb

“We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.” ~ Gretchen Wyler

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