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Originally Posted by ryebread View Post
One last thing to note -- I'd be very cautious if you're feeding your cat Wellness Brand Seafood dried cat food.
First, I would like to commend you on your perseverance in trying to help your kitty. That's great that he's doing better, and my fingers are crossed that he continues to do well.

As for the seafood cat food, even if it wasn't part of the problem, you were right in stopping it. Believe it or not, fish isn't a natural protein source for cats, since they actually evolved in the desert. It's a common allergen, and is likely to be higher in toxins than other foods. Check out my link above that lists reasons not to feed fish.

Originally Posted by ryebread View Post
We've since switched to a mix of the Science Diet Light and the Wellness brand Chicken to go along with the supplements mentioned above.
Now about that Science Diet Light. I can't stress strongly enough that this is one of the worst cat foods on the market. Please please please find something better, preferably a quality canned food. Cats should not be eating dry food, and that applies exponentially to male cats, who are at great risk for suffering a urinary tract blockage when eating kibble. What makes the SD Light so particularly horrible is how high in carbohydrates it is. Cats are not designed to handle so many grainy carbs and it eventually takes a toll on them, often in the form of diabetes, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, dental disease, etc. The best food for cats is one that resembles what they've evolved eating: meat-based, high protein, low carb, and WET. This link explains everything you've ever wanted to know about feline nutrition, and how to transition over to a wet food diet:
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