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AWWWW> sounds like shadow has a lot of love and life to give , just her darn doggie body is crapping out on her. I HATE THAT! Wish there was some way we could do a spirit transplant of our doggies into a NEW doggie body, and have them forever.
Dont second guess yourself. you'll know when its time. If you hadnt tried the new meds and put her down weeks ago, you'd have been driving yourself mad , that you hadnt tried everything. Now you have tried everything, and you can sleep easy, knowing you did your VERY BEST for your very best four legged friend.
She KNOWS she's loved, and she KNOWS she'll be taken care of.
Thats the BEST anyone can do for thier fur critters.
She'll tell you when she's had enough.
I wish I could heal the hurt...for both you and your loved ones. Its hard to say goodbye, one day at a time. Never knowing how long we will have them is one of lifes greatest joys and sorrows at the same time.
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