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All cats - like all humans are differents0- just like there are different types of UTI's so I would take her to a vet first. She is not doing this to get back at you. Cats NEVER think =like that but if you think like a cat, try to think why she might do this. Does she like the litter? Has there been a move- an upset cat might urinate inappropriately, once she is used to the new place, she should be just fine. She could be unhappy with the location of the litter box. Cats are territorial and a move is a major problem for them - gone are their special places. You have not just moved her but gone to her also are her special areas and places and things she believed were hers only. So it's natural for her to be upset. VERY upset!

My sister just moved three cats from Mass to Kentucky without too much trouble but I think it is because they have each other and all their toys and litter boxes, condos, etc are layed out in the same way as in the house they were in before.
Good luck!
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