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Need some good vibes

Zoe has got something wrong with her, and the vets are currently trying to find out what is up. Don't know if it has anything to do with her eating those baby mice/moles (not to sure what she ate, but she ate some kind of baby something)

For almost two weeks now she has had diarrhea, some days really bad, then a solid poop, back to semi-liquid, then diarrhea again. Vet told me bland diet, she has been eating boiled chicken/hamburger and rice which she keeps down, but if she trys to eat anything else she vomits.

She is still very active running around, walking, playing with the cat. She is drinking the same amount of water as usual. Just these the vet hasn't been overly concerned. Just said to wait, sometimes it takes two to six weeks for the poops to clear up.

Over the weekend, there was lots of mucus and a tiny bit of blood, so vet said first freshest fecal sample I could bring him Monday morning.....and another appt tomorrow at 10. Again he is not overly concerned because she is still eating and drinking and showing no signs of lethargy.

Any ideas of what she could have? I am trying to stay positive because she is still doing what a normal dog does. It's going to be a long night until the vet and results from the fecal. And what a fecal sample it was, stunk the whole clinic up while I was waiting in line to drop it off.
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