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Litter box dispute

I agree the basement floor should be cleaned first before getting another cat.

as to the litter box, the basement seems fine with me, as long as the cat agrees with this! Some cats are fussier than others, also if it's a kitten, the box should be easy access to him/her.

I like the cat box covers shown in a previous post, they look elegant and hide the box, but sometimes the human can 'forget' the box is there and 'forget' to pick up after the cat...

As for smells, I have 9 cats in my home and the litter box never smells, (and I use old school generic clay litter from the grocery store), it's just a matter of picking up after them and changing it once or twice a week depending on how many cats you have.

People came to my house and never even knew/couldn't believe I had that many cats until I told them, trust me, if you take care of the litter, it will NOT smell!

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