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Originally Posted by marko View Post
I'm with the others, lift up the carpet and try to clean/seal the area.

If this were my cat that's what I'd do and then put the litter box in that exact spot.

Your original question is unanswered though and I'm curious as to what other members think.

If that spot is cleaned again, and a litter box is placed over it, and there is still a hint of smell under the box from the old cat, will the new cat use it?

My guess would be yes (for most cats). Do other members agree?
I guess it would depend on how picky the cat is. If the OP has a very neat and clean cat it might not want to use a spot that smell like another cat.

I once lived in a hotdog stand in Berkley, Cal. It was my boyfriend place and I moved in with my dog and we got a cat together . I know it sound horrible but we did OK. One day my boyfriend was cutting up some yams and a piece
of yam fell into the cat littler box. Our cat got up and look at us disgustedly and when over to his box and covered up the piece of yam! Our cat thought we where slobs to use his littler box and not cover it up. LOL!
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